TILTA Nucleus-M Wireless Follow Focus Full Kit


TILTA Nucleus-M Wireless Follow Focus Full Kit 

Experience the pinnacle of focus control by renting the TILTA Nucleus-M Wireless Follow Focus Full Kit. Designed to meet the demands of professional filmmakers and cinematographers, this comprehensive kit empowers you to achieve unprecedented precision and creativity in your shots.

Key Features:

Wireless Follow Focus Excellence

The Nucleus-M takes focus pulling to the next level with its reliable and seamless wireless connectivity. Experience fluid and accurate focus adjustments without the limitations of cables, allowing for smooth and dynamic shots.

Three-Motor System

This full kit includes a three-motor system, consisting of a wireless hand unit and three brushless motors. These motors provide ultra-precise control over focus, iris, and zoom, ensuring complete mastery over your lens settings.

Long-Range Transmission

The Nucleus-M boasts an impressive wireless range, allowing you to control focus from up to 1,000 feet away. This extended reach enables you to capture complex shots with confidence, even in challenging shooting environments.

Responsive and Precise

The wireless hand unit provides a tactile and responsive experience, offering precise focus control with adjustable speed settings. Effortlessly rack focus between subjects with absolute accuracy.

Versatility in Motion

The Nucleus-M motors are compatible with a wide range of lenses, from cine primes to zooms. This adaptability makes it a valuable asset for diverse shooting scenarios, accommodating various focal lengths and configurations.

User-Friendly Design

TILTA ensures a user-friendly experience with intuitive controls and a clear OLED display on the wireless hand unit. Quick and easy setup allows you to focus on your creative vision without worrying about technical complexities.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

The Nucleus-M's motors and hand unit feature long-lasting battery performance, allowing for extended shooting sessions without interruptions. The included batteries and charger ensure you're always ready for action.

Unlock the full potential of your filmmaking with the TILTA Nucleus-M Wireless Follow Focus Full Kit. From narrative films and documentaries to commercials and music videos, this kit empowers you to execute your creative vision with unmatched focus precision. Embrace the freedom of wireless focus control and reserve the TILTA Nucleus-M Wireless Follow Focus Full Kit today.


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