About 25HOUR Rental

25HOUR is a multimedia production company that has existed since 2018. Over the years we have amassed an extensive collection of equipment and know-how surrounding it. We want to help the industry grow even more and embrace, especially the smaller, creators who might not have the funds nor time to rent elsewhere. We are taking a step away from the establishment, and instead focusing on building a community where creativity can flourish unhindered. 

CEO / Founder

Louis Beckmann

Let our producer help shape and elevate your vision. With ten years of experience in the business and graduating top of his class, he isn’t afraid to speak up and enter into a creative dialogue to elaborate ideas beyond what they initially were. In short, he thrives in the creative chaos space, where his flexibility, passion, and innovative thinking allow us to deliver stunning visual products to our customers as a team


Emma Vibæk

The ultimate desk jockey, who has a love for paper calendars and colour-coded binders, manages the inside of the organization. With a background in languages and intercultural business communication and currently pursuing a master's degree in change management, she administrates and makes sure the organizational tools to meet customers’ deadlines are up and running.