Tilta HDA-T02-V - Hydra Alien Car mounting system (V-Lock)


Tilta HDA-T02-V - Hydra Alien Car Mounting System (V-Lock)

Take your car-mounted shots to new heights by renting the Tilta HDA-T02-V Hydra Alien Car Mounting System (V-Lock). Designed for filmmakers and videographers who demand nothing but the best, this innovative car rig offers unparalleled stability and flexibility, ensuring smooth and cinematic shots from virtually any moving vehicle.

Key Features:

Secure V-Lock Compatibility

The Tilta HDA-T02-V comes equipped with a V-Lock plate, allowing you to power your camera and accessories directly from V-Lock batteries. This reliable power source ensures uninterrupted shooting throughout your creative endeavors.

Sturdy and Versatile Mounting

The Hydra Alien Car Mounting System features a robust build, providing a secure grip on your camera rig while mounted to your vehicle. Its versatile design allows for mounting on various points, ensuring you can capture dynamic shots from any angle.

Smooth and Stable Shots

With the Tilta HDA-T02-V, say goodbye to shaky footage. This car mounting system minimizes vibrations and unwanted movements, ensuring your shots remain smooth and professional, even on bumpy roads or at high speeds.

Quick and Easy Setup

Designed with ease of use in mind, the Hydra Alien Car Mounting System allows for swift setup and adjustments. Its user-friendly design ensures you spend less time setting up and more time capturing stunning footage.

Adjustable Arm and Mounting Plate

Tailor the positioning of your camera to perfection. The Tilta HDA-T02-V features an adjustable arm and mounting plate, allowing you to find the ideal balance for your specific shots.

Anti-Slip Grip Pads

The car mounting system includes anti-slip grip pads to provide an extra layer of security for your camera rig, keeping it stable and firmly in place throughout your entire shoot.

Experience the freedom and versatility of the Tilta HDA-T02-V Hydra Alien Car Mounting System (V-Lock). Capture breathtaking car-mounted shots that elevate your storytelling to cinematic levels. Reserve the Tilta HDA-T02-V today and transform your car shots into cinematic masterpieces!


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