SIRUI Venus Anamorphic 1.6x FF Kit

Step into the world of cinematic storytelling with the SIRUI Venus Anamorphic 1.6x FF Kit, a mesmerizing set of four high-quality anamorphic lenses designed to transform your visuals into true cinematic masterpieces. Crafted with precision and innovation, this kit opens up new creative possibilities, allowing you to capture breathtaking widescreen imagery that is rich in character and allure.

Key Features:

Versatility in Four Focal Lengths

The SIRUI Venus Anamorphic 1.6x FF Kit includes four essential focal lengths: 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm. From sweeping landscapes to intimate close-ups, this comprehensive range covers all your storytelling needs.

Cinematic Anamorphic Magic

Embrace the iconic anamorphic look with the SIRUI Venus 1.6x FF Kit. The anamorphic aspect ratio expands your horizons, creating stunning widescreen visuals with a unique bokeh and horizontal flares that add a touch of nostalgia and elegance to your shots.

Full-Frame Compatibility

Designed for full-frame sensors, these lenses deliver uncompromising image quality and sharpness across the entire frame. Whether you're shooting on a professional cinema camera or a mirrorless powerhouse, the SIRUI Venus lenses ensure consistent excellence.

Exceptional Optical Performance

Each lens in the kit features premium multi-layer coatings and high-quality glass elements, minimizing aberrations and enhancing contrast, color accuracy, and resolution. The result is remarkable visual clarity with outstanding edge-to-edge sharpness.

Compact and Lightweight

The SIRUI Venus lenses strike the perfect balance between exceptional quality and portability. Their compact design and lightweight construction make them ideal companions for both on-location shoots and studio productions.

Smooth Manual Focus and Iris Control

Take full control of your focus and depth of field with the precise manual focus and iris rings on each lens. Enjoy the tactile experience of adjusting your shot to perfection, adding an artistic touch to every frame.

Carrying Case Included

The SIRUI Venus Anamorphic 1.6x FF Kit comes with a custom-designed carrying case, keeping your lenses safe and organized during transport.

Unleash your creative vision with the SIRUI Venus Anamorphic 1.6x FF Kit and immerse your audience in the allure of widescreen cinema. From independent filmmakers to seasoned professionals, this kit is a gateway to timeless storytelling that captivates hearts and minds. Reserve the SIRUI Venus Anamorphic 1.6x FF Kit today and unlock the true art of visual storytelling.


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