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Unleashing the Power of Nanlux Lights with LumenRadio: A Guide for Our Clients

Welcome to our rental house, where we pride ourselves on providing the best lighting solutions for your creative projects. Our extensive inventory includes a wide range of Nanlux lights, known for their superior quality and versatility. In this post, we’ll delve into the features of our Nanlux lights and how LumenRadio technology enhances their capabilities, offering unmatched flexibility and control.



Why Choose Nanlux Lights?

Nanlux lights have become a staple in the film and photography industry due to their reliability, power, and advanced features. Here’s a closer look at some of the Nanlux models we offer:


Evoke 1200D

Known for its incredible brightness and robust build, the Evoke 1200 is perfect for outdoor shoots and large set pieces. Its impressive output ensures you get the perfect shot every time, even in challenging lighting conditions. The Evoke 1200 is designed to withstand harsh environments, making it a reliable choice for any production. Whether you're shooting a high-action scene or a serene landscape, this light delivers consistent and powerful illumination, enhancing the quality of your visuals.


Evoke 900c

The Evoke 900c combines high output with a full-color spectrum, making it ideal for creating dynamic and vibrant scenes. Its versatility allows for both subtle and dramatic lighting effects, giving you complete creative control. This light is perfect for productions that require precise color rendering and flexibility. With advanced color mixing capabilities, the Evoke 900c can produce a wide range of hues, from soft pastels to vivid primary colors, making it a valuable tool for any cinematographer or photographer looking to add depth and dimension to their work.


Dyno 1200C

This panel light is a powerhouse, offering a wide color range and customizable settings. The Dyno 1200 is perfect for both studio and location shoots, providing consistent and reliable illumination. Its high output and versatility make it suitable for various applications, from interviews and product shots to large-scale productions. The Dyno 1200 features intuitive controls and advanced lighting effects, allowing you to achieve the perfect ambiance for your scenes. Its durable design and powerful performance ensure it meets the demands of professional shoots.


Dyno 650C

Compact yet powerful, the Dyno 650 is ideal for smaller spaces or as a supplemental light source. Its user-friendly interface and powerful output make it a favorite among professionals. Despite its smaller size, the Dyno 650 delivers impressive brightness and color accuracy, making it suitable for detailed close-ups and intricate lighting setups. Its lightweight design allows for easy transport and quick setup, making it a versatile addition to any lighting kit. The Dyno 650 is perfect for situations where space is limited but high-quality lighting is essential.

The Magic of LumenRadio

LumenRadio technology revolutionizes the way you control lighting on set. By integrating LumenRadio with our Nanlux lights, we provide you with a seamless, wireless control solution that enhances flexibility and efficiency. Here’s how LumenRadio can transform your lighting experience:

  • Wireless Control: Say goodbye to tangled cables and limited mobility. With LumenRadio, you can control your Nanlux lights remotely, allowing for quick adjustments and fine-tuning without disrupting the scene.

  • Easy Integration: LumenRadio integrates effortlessly with our Nanlux lights, offering a user-friendly interface that simplifies the control process. You can easily adjust brightness, color temperature, and other settings with just a few clicks.

  • Enhanced Creativity: With the freedom to control your lights wirelessly, you can experiment with different lighting setups and effects more easily. This flexibility allows you to unleash your creativity and achieve the perfect lighting for any scene.