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Explore the Sony Burano, a revolutionary cinema camera with advanced X-OCN format, offering high-quality footage and efficient post-production workflows.

Introduction to the Sony Burano

The Sony Burano is a cutting-edge digital cinema camera designed to meet the needs of professional filmmakers. This camera offers a host of features aimed at delivering stunning visual quality and flexibility in post-production. Here's an overview of what makes the Sony Burano stand out:

  • The Burano boasts a full-frame 8.6K image sensor, capable of capturing high-resolution footage in various formats. It supports full-frame and Super 35 shooting modes, offering filmmakers versatility in their creative choices.

  • The camera supports multiple recording formats, including the innovative X-OCN (eXtended Original Camera Negative) codec, which provides high-quality image capture with efficient data rates.

  • Designed for solo and small crew shooting, the Burano features a compact, lightweight body (weighing less than 3 kg) and built-in electronic variable ND filters. It also includes the world's first in-body optical image stabilization for PL lenses.

  • With phase detection autofocus and subject recognition powered by AI processing, the Burano ensures precise focus and excellent image quality, even in challenging shooting conditions.

Detailed Comparison

Understanding the X-OCN Format

The X-OCN format is a significant advancement in raw recording technology. Here are the key points about X-OCN:

  • X-OCN stands for eXtended Original Camera Negative. It is a 16-bit compressed raw codec that balances high image quality with manageable file sizes.

  • X-OCN is highly computer-friendly, producing small, compact files without sacrificing grading flexibility. This makes it ideal for post-production workflows that require high-quality images and efficient storage solutions.

  • X-OCN is an evolution of the Sony RAW codec previously used in the F65 and F55 cameras. It is the main codec used in Sony's Venice 1 and Venice 2 cameras, ensuring consistency and quality across the brand's professional lineup.

File Sizes and Bitrate Comparisons

Understanding the file sizes and bitrates of different recording formats helps in planning storage and post-production workflows. Below are some details from the slides:

Recording Formats and Resolutions

The Burano supports a range of recording formats and resolutions,
providing flexibility for different production needs:

FF 8.6K: Up to 30fps

FF Crop 6K: Up to 60fps

S35 5.8K: Up to 60fps

S35 Crop 4K: Up to 120fps


The Sony Burano, with its advanced X-OCN format and versatile capabilities, is a powerful tool for filmmakers seeking high-quality, efficient, and flexible solutions for their productions. Whether shooting in high resolution or needing compact file sizes for post-production, the Burano delivers outstanding performance across the board.

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